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Intuit’s QuickBooks® Online

Industry leading accounting software

Intuit believes everyone should have the opportunity to prosper. Intuit is an industry leader of accounting software for individuals and small businesses.

We are proud to be an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.


by Palo Alto Software, Inc.

#1 business planning software in the world. LivePlan gives small business owners access to accounting, budget, forecasts and historical performance data.

We are proud to be a Certified LivePlan Expert Advisor and meet the annual continuing education requirements.

BNI® South East Tennessee

World's largest business networking & referral organization

Culture of caring about giving business, professional development and building consistent, proactive and reciprocal business relationships. BNI helps members develop a structured, positive, and professional referral program network.

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. 97 & Up

Online software consulting & training

Seth David is owner of Nerd Enterprises, Inc., a successful business consulting and training company specializing in online software consulting and training. Seth makes extensive use of social networking tools, and Web videos to maximize the impact of his training.

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